PortraitI have been writing professionally for most of my adult life. My work has focused on the topics of child development, family life, human relationships, health, and travel. I’m the author or co-author of eleven books (several of which have been revised, updated, and reissued in various editions) and hundreds of articles in major publications.

First came the writing, and then the speaking and interviewing. My spoken words tend to focus upon the craft of writing, as well as the various subjects I have written about, including breastfeeding, the concerns of working parents, sexual development throughout life, and the people and the way of life in the small Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. I regularly present slide programs about Nepal and about some of the other foreign countries that I have been lucky enough to visit. My audiences have included professional and lay groups, both in person and over radio and television. As an oral historian, I have conducted video and audio interviews for several major projects.

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