I speak regularly to a variety of audiences about a variety of topics. I even know something about the subjects I speak about—and use humor as well as experience and knowledge in making presentations about—such issues as the craft of writing, succeeding as a freelance writer, breastfeeding, sexuality throughout the life span, working and parenting, and other topics.

Most recently, I have been presenting slide-illustrated talks about my travels in NepalChinaVietnam, and the newest, India. To see descriptions of these talks, click on the names of the countries.

The Nepal program is based on my book, A Balcony in Nepal: Glimpses of a Himalayan Village. The Nepal and Vietnam programs are presented on traditional color slides, using a carousel and projector. The China and India programs are PowerPoint presentations. All four programs run 45 to 60 minutes, followed by a question-and-answer session. These presentations have been enthusiastically received—and audiences have responded with interest, sympathy, laughter and provocative questions. You can judge the programs’ success by the comments I have received, a sampling of which are listed below.

For a schedule of upcoming presentations or to inquire about booking a personalized, reasonably priced presentation for your library or group, please click here to contact me.



“I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal but haven’t, and now you’ve made it an absolute imperative! Your wonderful slides and fascinating stories about your Balcony in Nepalenchanted us all and I can’t thank you enough. Please call me when you have more stories.”

Aviva Crown, Cultural Program Specialist
Plainview–East Bethpage Public Library

* * *

“‘China: As the Chinese Tourists See It’ was a huge success. I received many compliments on the program … and your clear and charming way of lecturing. We are looking forward to the next.”

Gloria Pomerantz, Outreach Coordinator
Peninsula Public Library

* * *

“I have included many travel programs at our meetings, but I found Mrs. Olds’ presentation to be one of the best I’ve witnessed. I was impressed by her professional photography, her explanation of Vietnam’s culture and history and her vast travel in diverse areas both in urban and rural areas.”

Evelyn Napolin, Program director, REAP
Bryant Library, Roslyn, NY

* * *

“Your presentation in the Windsor Park Library impressed me a lot. I was touched by your spirit to accomplish your wonderful plan and to write this valuable book. It is a very touching personal account that goes far beyond most travel books. Your professional and pleasant lecture impressed the audience, who also got in-depth answers from you. It was a very successful and unforgettable presentation. After your lecture, I found that many copies of your book A Balcony in Nepal had been checked out.”

— Vickie Wu, Senior Librarian/Assistant Branch Manager
Windsor Park Library/Queensborough Library System

* * *

 “Thank you for a lovely and informative evening… Your lecture and slides were wonderful … I also want to compliment you on your handling of the audience member who came to the talk with a preset political agenda.”

— Valerie J. Griffith
Greenburgh (NY) Public Library

* * *

 “Thank you for a fabulous show.”

— Maryellen Cantanno
Freeport (NY) Memorial Library