A CHILD’S WORLD, 10th edition
McGraw-Hill, 2006 (first edition published 1975)
Diane E. Papalia, Sally Wendkos Olds, & Ruth Duskin Feldman

A perennial best-seller, A CHILD’S WORLD continues to provide faculty and students alike with an engaging, comprehensive and highly applied exploration of the diverse worlds of child development. With its 10th edition, A CHILD’S WORLD authors Diane E. Papalia, Sally Wendkos Olds and Ruth Duskin Feldman have totally revamped the design, content, and pedagogical features while at the same time retaining the engaging qualities of tone, style and substance of this best-selling text.

Throughout, the text remains true to its purpose to emphasize the continuity of development from conception through adolescence and the interrelationships among the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial realms of development. Complete coverage of the theories and issues of child development, hereditary and environmental influences on development, prenatal development, and the birth process is provided. The text also looks at the aspects of physical health, cognitive, personality and social development from infancy through adolescence. A clear and friendly writing style and lively presentation make this text the leading choice of both professors and students.

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