What people are saying about Super Granny:

“Sally Wendkos Olds’s excellent book is a must read for all grandparents, especially those that ever wondered what to do with their grandchildren on a rainy day.”

—Arthur Kornhaber, M.D.
Foundation for Grandparenting

“A great book for granny’s (and grandfathers) who don’t want to depend on the amount of money spent to enjoy grandkids, but instead depend on imagination, and ingenuity…a treasure of tips for giving every grandkid lasting experiences and valued memories.”

—Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.
Dr. Toy

“If you’ve ever needed grandparenting inspiration, meet Super Granny! This book … lives up to its title. …It’s not just the activities that are valuable; it’s meeting the remarkable grandparents who contributed their ideas and their stories.”

“The book is nicely organized, with sections for grandchildren from infancy to 3, from 3 to 6, from 6 to 11, and finally from 12 to 18. Each vignette begins with a description of a real-life grandmother and something she does with her grandchildren. The vignette is followed by a more detailed description of how to carry out the activity. Olds also uses icons at the top of each chapter to indicate the expense of the activity, the type of activity it is, and so on.”

“I planned on coming back to the Introduction after skimming the chapters. However, after reading the first sentence I was drawn into your thoughts on being on a super granny. WHO IS A SUPER GRANNY? You are! Everything you said is true! …. I like the way I can use your book as a guidebook.”

“[Y]our book is wonderful. It’s not a run of the mill to-do list. Although you do include a great list, it’s way more, it is a sweet sharing of the love we cannot contain for these special people, and a guide to pouring it out— in buckets.”

Play Wit Me Nana blog

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